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2012.10.27/29 - "London Bridge 4" *

dimanche 4 novembre 2012.

I’ll go for my 4th Week-End to London last weekend of October. If you are there or know there or somebody there : I’d like to meet locals and not only French natives ;-). I’d like to go to a theater see something "English friendly", I mean I could understand ! You can found some places I’ve seen here GB - London, and I’ve more photos : most are parks, museums, monuments,... during day walk.

(SMS only :) my new uk : 0seven7 6five1 8one1 7one

London 4 - preview
See other photos

*< 200E/pers, voyage en car, 2 nuits (chambre partagée si solo),... WE à Londres avec www.sortirdeparis.fr


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